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Covert Geo Targeter Review is a plugin so powerful that copy & pasting a single word anywhere on your blogs can easily triple your clicks, leads & sales! Geo targeting your blogs and using your visitor's actual location in your titles, posts, ads and more can be a huge conversion booster for you. It makes you stand their from the crowd and it's guaranteed to get people's attention, make them read your post and click your ads. The new Covert Geo Targeter plugin allows you to insert your visitors City, State & Country anywhere on your blog. The Covert Geo Targeter plugin is available as a WSO right now and it's still super cheap. However it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order! I highly recommend that you check it out now - it's really good - and you'd want to get in before the price goes up!

Taking Another Walk On The "Wild Side“: As you may know Covert Messenger was result of researching the dating niche... Copying and perfecting one of their most effective ad formats and bringing it to our side of the internet. But while researching and developing that, we came across another interesting thing in the dating niche. If you have ever visited a web site that promotes dating offers, you will have noticed a common thread among all of them. They are all using Covert Geo Targeter Review - meaning you see your own City, State & Country in their ads. Last year we released the Covert Messenger plugin and it was a huge success.

Over 4,000 people have secured their copy and the feedback has been fantastic

Nearly everyone who grabbed a copy has reported back and told us they are seeing stupendous increases in clicks, leads and sales from their blogs.

But while researching and developing Covert Messenger, we came across something else...

Something so powerful it could potentially beat the results of Covert Messenger... certainly enhance them. But before we reveal this revolutionary new tool - we need a little background information...You see both the Covert Messenger and the new Covert Geo Targeter plugins were born out of the same frustration.

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