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Curation Lab Review: By posting to your social media assets, you’ll get the rare viral POPs that they all aim at! Laser Focused Curation: Just want to stop the time-sucking research and content writing? Curation Lab bubble up only the most viral and trending content for you to publish. Free Stock Photo Integration: Integrate free stock photo platforms in just 1-Click. Make your blogs and social posts more engaging using images. These have proven to increase conversions. Amazing Support: Curation Lab’s team helped their customers use their technology. And they’ll be happy to help you implement best practices, so you can be successful as well! Frequently Asked Question: Will my subscription be auto-renewed at the same price after 2 years, if I opt for that option? No. They don’t operate that way. Auto-renewals are a way of charging customers at times without their knowledge. Most customers forget about the renewal dates, and some may not want to continue their subscription. For us, their customers are a priority. And to keep everything transparent, they decided that every customer will have to renew manually after 2 years.

The price on offer will be $197 per year for those that get in early. BUT if you are serious about it - their next upgrade will offer you a MUCH lower price than that (which will unlock Curation Lab Review forever!). I am just starting. Is this for me? Absolutely. You are lucky to have landed on this page without spending years in the trenches and breaking bank paying exorbitant content writer fee. Will I get penalized by Google for using the content that is already out there? No. Curation Lab does not use any black hat tools or processes. It curates content 100% legally and ethically.

What if I want to cancel my subscription after a few months? You can cancel anytime you want. However, their money-back guarantee is only valid for the first 30 days from your purchase. I have one more query that is not answered anywhere on this page. What do I do? Please get in touch with us on their Support Desk [insert link]. They will be happy to assist you.

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