DESIGNBUNDLE LOCAL EDITION Review and 2300$ bonuses

DesignBundle Local Edition Review: If You’re Not Grabbing The Attention Of Your Visitors ​With Stunning Designs, Then Your Business Is Dead In The Water. Having good designs is vital to command attention and keep ahead of your competitors. ​According To Forbes (Most trusted source on the net)…​94% of visitors will leave the website if there’s no graphics. 67% of small businesses are willing to pay as much as $500 just for a logo. Social media posts with images produce ​650% higher engagement than text-only posts. DesignBundle's Multi Purpose Platform Is Suitable For Marketers, Business Owners & Newbies ​Who Need Results Starting Today..

Website Owners: Effortlessly design your visual content. Bloggers: Boost subscribers with eye-catching designs in your blogs. Digital Marketers: Capture your audience through world class, high-quality visuals. Affiliate Marketers: 1-click unlimited designs for your promotions. Local Business Owners: Create stunning product designs instantly. eCommerce Store Owners: Design Facebook ads, product posts for your store and promote your brand

Advertisers: Create winning-designs to convert audience into customers. Social Media Marketers: Captivating designs for dominating audience attention. SEO Professionals: Replace text with beautifully designed visuals to rank higher. Using These 'Done For You' Lead Funnels, Our Members Generated MASSIVE Results In No Time…Case Study #1: James: Earned $11K In 1 Month Using DesignBundle Local Edition Review Tools For Freelancing. ​Earned his first 5 figures online from freelancing by setting up 4 different gigs to sell 4 different services on fiverr. Got his first client the same week he started and used design bundle to deliver. Made over $11k so far from graphics and landing page design services. (Mostly delivered using designbundle tools or through arbitrage taught in the bonus). Case Study #2: Steve: Fired His Graphics Designer & Saved $500 Monthly. ​Steve fired His Graphics Designer.Does All his graphics himself using design bundle tools. Previously he spent over $500 every month for marketing graphics/design for his online/offline businesses. Now he saves that money to invest in other areas of his business.

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