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DocStudioFX Review: Rebrand Your Existing Content: Whatever existing content you might have can be turned into a traffic-pulling and leads & sales-generating digital product within minutes. Rebrand any document using easy to use Drag n Drop Editor in not time and can save hundreds of hours of work. Just upload any document from your PC, quickly changing the text and images, replace multiple texts and links in the document instantly using the automation feature, add extensive page lock features and share it on social media platforms to collect free viral leads.  Insert The ‘FOMO’ Factor Into Your Documents: Turn every document into a lead generation machine by introducing the ‘Fear-of-missing-out’ factor at the right time. When users start to read the eBook, Magazine, White Paper or Report that you have just shared… stop them right when they start getting curious. Lock specific pages in the document prompting the users for the call to action like opt-in information, sharing buttons, redirect buttons, pop-ups to unlock pages, and build your list in no time.

Add Call-To-Action In The Right Places: Literally FORCES people to opt-in from INSIDE any of the pages before they can read further, helping you to capture leads instantly. Add an opt-in form to documents that is set to pop-up at a specific time while users are reading the information on any page… to acquire a lead right when it’s most responsive to your offer.

You can also add a clickable button overlay on any page to help you get the highest possible CTR to your offers... and even upload your own custom images to use as buttons and add whatever text that you want onto these to create a personalised Call-to-Action.

Drive Free Viral Traffic: DocStudioFX Review is designed to get you the hottest traffic and leads from all the major social media platforms.

Add social media Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc. to show up at any specific page to force the audience to make your doc go viral. You can even force users who want to read your doc to ‘Share’ the document FIRST before they can read further.

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