EASY AFFILIATE PLAYBOOK Review and 2300$ bonuses

Easy Affiliate Playbook Review: WARNING: This is not magic! This is not a push-button, fully automatic, magic unicorn system that magically fills your bank with cash. It's crazy that needs spelling out, but sadly some people actually seem to think these things exist (I suspect these same people also still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa). Of course, it's hardly the fault of the poor sods who fall for those kinds of things. The Internet marketing world is full of people who make bullshit claims like "just install this, push a button and watch the cash roll in" and if you've bought any of those products, you will know they simply don't work. So before you go click on the buy button, I am going to make sure you know the truth about what I am offering you here... This is NOT a brand new, never discovered before pile of magic beans. It is a bunch of common sense marketing, stripped down to the fastest, easiest, copy and paste method that is feasible and works. This will not make you a millionaire by breakfast.  In fact it probably won't make you one at all, but if you are the sort of person who thinks someone would sell you a millionaire formula for the crazy low ticket price you're getting this for... Then maybe this business just isn't for you! This is not video training or software.  To be fair, most video training rambles on and on and takes forever to get to the point. Easy Affiliate Playbook Review is a book, with words you have to read. However, it has been presented in an easy to follow, speed read fashion, so you will be able to action what you learn QUICKLY. In short, this is a proven, easy to follow, step-by-step system that breaks down how to select suitable products (in many niches) that you are guaranteed approval to promote and then making sure your links get as many eyeballs on them by exploiting some of the biggest traffic sources online, but without paying for any of that traffic. It is delivered as an electronic guide that you can open and read in under an hour, and then start putting into effect immediately. The steps and methods taught really are copy/paste simple and can be done by anyone with an ounce of common sense and an internet connection.

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