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Easy Pro Webinars Review: You download them and have full control over them. Not located on someone else's server where you could suddenly lose the service and all your hard work and your income in one go. To ensure you get a complete package with Easy Pro Webinars they throw in extensive training on how to generate both free and paid traffic. Full training on the top traffic methods and some lesser known but easy, free or low cost methods to get you started right out of the gate. No matter your current skills or budget they have something for you. Overview: Easy Pro Webinars is the latest and greatest Affiliate Email Marketing automation tool from Matt Garrett & Tony Marriott. It is the Ultimate In Simplicity For Creating Evergreen Automated Webinars. Choose from 40k+ affiliate products (or add your own), 100k+ webinars & videos (with Auto suggestions), and 100+ Free "Attendance Bonuses". Auto creation of registration forms, Scarcity Timers, and Call To Actions Buttons throughout the "Built For You" webinar Funnels. And you can do that as many times as you want! A few years back I ran a highly successful coaching course and wanted to promote it with webinars. I had all the challenges I mentioned above and more. It just wasn't feasible.

However I did some deep digging and talked it through with a few contacts that were making big bucks with webinars at that time and came up with master plan of my own. I noticed that there were a few software products on the market that let you run “automated webinars”. Basically Webinar replays. Easy Pro Webinars Review. You still had to create the webinar originally but it meant I could record the webinar in my own time, edit the video to get it perfect and play it to my prospective customers. But I Was Rapidly Disappointed. I avoided the big players like GoToWebinar. They were just so hugely expensive. I tried every other vendor that promised a great evergreen webinar program at a sensible price and threw every one of them in the bin. They just did not work. Some simply failed to work correctly, others didn't give you enough functionality, most still required bucket loads of work before even getting started.

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