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EZ Amazon S3 Review: This Step-By-Step Video Series Reveals How You Can Easily Host Your Files On Amazon S3! You'll learn strategies you can use to fully understand the technical aspects of hosting with S3, even if you're a complete newbie, and it won't even take up much of your time! The best part is, all the videos are completely white labeled. There is no branding in the videos at all, which it makes it easy for you to customize them for your own brand! Here's A Complete Breakdown Of This 9 Part Video Series: Video 1: Introduction & Quick Overview: As always you will be given a quick introduction to how everything works and a quick overview of what's inside this video course. Video 2: Calculating Your Costs: Ever wanted to know how much it would cost to host these large files on Amazon? The great thing is that you pay as you go, and if you are used to paying hundreds of dollars per month then this is going to be a lot cheaper. But with that said, it's important to have an idea of how much you are potentially going to pay, and you will learn how to do this. EZ Amazon S3 Review. Video 3: What You Need: Before we jump right in I am going to cover exactly what you need to have in hand before we get started. Video 4: Recommended Software and Why: There are several pieces of software that you can use to upload your files, both paid and free, and we'll discuss why we have recommended these. Video 5: Connect to Amazon S3: While there is a range of software that we recommend, we will be focusing on one because it is super easy to use. Video 6: Buckets and Folders: We'll see how to create Amazon buckets and folders so that you can get ready to upload your files. Video 7: Prevent Unauthorized Access: If you want to know how to protect your Amazon bucket from unauthorized access, I'll show you how to create an Amazon policy to achieve this. You'll prevent people that aren't supposed to access it from costing you money. Video 8: Transferring Files from PC to Amazon: When you've set everything up, you're going to see how easy it is to upload files from your PC or Mac to your Amazon account.

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