Funnel Snoop Review and 2300$ bonuses

Funnel Snoop Review: Are there any upgrades? Yes, two of them. The first is access to a monthly club called Snoop Club. It provides 2 extra funnels each month that are designed for Facebook and YouTube. The second is YouTube Snoop. It features 12 YouTube ad funnels, giving you access to the videos themselves, the scripts (PDF format), and the landing pages where traffic is directed.

Is it Suitable for a Newbie? Yes. Before I became a video marketing expert, I was a full-time teacher, so I've designed Funnel Snoop to be as easy as possible to understand and implement As long as you're dedicated and set aside the time necessary to immerse yourself in the knowledge provided, you'll be fine.

What it I Need Help? No worries. They have a stellar support desk that you can get in touch with at anytime. Overview: Funnel Snoop is 12 super profitable tested video ads that you can use to craft your own winning campaigns without any experience. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, Funnel Snoop Review helps you bank big, fast by having others spend money doing the testing so you don’t have to. No need to re-invent the wheel! It provides you with a set of proven to be successful Facebook Video ad Funnels in different niches. Front End $12.95 increasing to $17: Spy tools are super expensive but successful marketers pay $299 and above per month for them for the intel they provide. Funnel Snoop is a set of 10 proven Facebook Video ad funnels in a variety of niches. Buyers can see the whole video, the copy that entices the view along with the steps of the funnel so that they can use this to form their own highly successful video ads. Over the shoulder tutorials are also provided on how to create the videos and set up such funnels. OTO 1: $ 9.97 P.M is access to the monthly club where each month users are given 2 new funnels. One video ad funnel is from Facebook, the other YouTube. This is so that buyers can see the funnels from the 2 most profitable video ad sources.

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