Graphic Design Academy V4 Review and 2300$ bonuses

Graphic Design Academy V4 Review: Charge What You Want: That's right- you can set any price over $15 and keep all of the profits. Now you are a true business owner! Use their expertise: they've taken time to develop the program. They've already gained a reputation, and tweaked Graphic Design Academy V4 based on feedback from real students. That means they've already fine tuned it, ready for best results. Earn money for ever: there's no time limit on this offer. You can put it up and sell it forever, bringing in as much as you want! Their license does not limit the number of copies you can sell. Get paid directly from customers: Graphic Design Academy V4 is your product! There's no middle man - you collect the money from your own sales! Complete control: You own the product. You decide how much to charge and what to add or subtract from your sales funnel. It's entirely up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need any technical skills for this? No you don't. Selling online courses is a great business model because you do not need any specialization or technical skills. Is there any money back guarantee? They have a 30 day limited guarantee. They will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on their part. Please read the entire refund Policy link at the bottom of the page. What Type Of License Do I have For This Package? Graphic Design Academy V4 Review. If you buy the STUDENT option, you may create a protected member area, and allow paying students to watch the videos. You may not alter the videos, nor redistribute them in any way. If you buy the PLR license. You can use the content as you want, add your own name to it and sell it as your own to your clients or on your website. PLEASE NOTE- Exact terms of license will be included in the product download area. You are required to read the license and understand the limitations before you download the product. In case of discrepancy, the actual license terms will prevail. Are there any ongoing fees? No. Your purchase comes with a perpetual license. Buy it once... sell it forever and always keep all the profit for yourself!

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