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Instant Local Authority Review: Local consultants are finding their profits are going through the fact, there's not enough local consultants around to help all of these businesses. This means an unprecedented opportunity for local marketing newbies to seize the day, and effortlessly build 6 figure agencies from home, helping local businesses survive.

But... How Can Local Businesses Trust A Newbie? Let me tell you an eye-opening story...Several years ago, when I was starting out, I offered a free ‘Facebook Makeover’ offer service. I was emailing local business owners directly, as well as running an ad on Facebook, to promote this service. I still remember one of the first business owners to contact me, a lovely lady who had a beauty salon…To say she was excited to get started was an understatement:. Instant Local Authority Review

Over the next couple of days, we sent messages back and forth, all the time with her getting even more excited about the possibility of me helping her increase her profits. And then...she DISAPPEARED. She stopped answering my messages.

I decided I really needed to get to the bottom of this (at this point, several other local business owners had vanished, despite being incredibly enthusiastic in the beginning)... I called her again and again until I finally got a hold of her. What she said frustrated me.
“Sorry, I don't think that this is a good fit.” This made no sense. We’d discussed exactly what I could do for her and she was thrilled at first...what had changed? I pushed for a more specific answer…. Why was I no longer a good fit? It’s then she became completely honest with me… She said... I was MORTIFIED!

I quickly realized that this was probably the same exact reason other previously excited prospects had vanished into thin air. I was so embarrassed, I’m not even sure I said goodbye to her on the phone...I think I just wanted the ground to split open and swallow me up right there and then.

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