Instant Puzzle Generator Review and bonus should I get it

Instant Puzzle Generator Review: 900+ Font Options: Yep! That’s right! With Instant Puzzle Generator, you can choose from as many as 900+ high quality fonts for your puzzles.

Multiple Grid Sizes: Want to change the grid size? It’s as easy as a click of a button. Use 8X8 to 10X10 grid sizes for kids puzzles. Use 12X12 to 20X20 grid sizes for complex adult puzzles.

Multiple File Formats: They really wanted to provide as much flexibility as possible therefore you will be able to download the images and even entire books in PNG, JPG and PDF format. Not only that the individual images can be downloaded in PPTX format as well. Instant Puzzle Generator Review

Multiple Page Numbering Styles: No detail is too small for us! You can select from as many as 4 different page numbering options.

Puzzle Regeneration: Instant Puzzle Generator allows you to shuffle the letters to create a whole new puzzle variant using the same words.

Multiple Trim Sizes: Create your book in the trim size of your choice right inside Instant Puzzle Generator. You are not limited to specific trim sizes.

Puzzle Clues: You get to position the clues in 3 different styles. How cool is that? Place the clues as comma separated phrases at the bottom in a paragraph format. Place the clues in two columns at the bottom of the puzzle. Place the clues on the right of the puzzle should you fancy that

Stunning Border Options: Choose from a variety of border options: Outer border only. Outer and inner border. No border on the puzzles

Multiple Answer Page Layouts: Choose from 1, 2 or 4 solution images per page for your answer sheets.

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