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Kindle Sniper Review: OTO 3: BOOK FANATIC ($97 Retail, Launch Price: $47): Your buyers will discover how Jonathan turns $3 buyers into $65 buyers on 90% autopilot, adding new fans to their writing business, and dramatically increasing profits.


Kindle Sniper Can Deliver You Passive Income Without The Pain. That means if you can follow instructions, you will have a real business - up and running and making money - before you finish the bulk of the course. But if you have any genuine interest in building a sustainable income online without breaking your own back - you'll be able to do it (and do it in an easier and more efficient way) using the methods that I'm going to share with the real, unedited, raw footage of our real business inside. There's no 'pre-qualifications' necessary to writing a book.  Just be you, and start writing.

That Isn't A Typo. IT'S A $4,000 LAUNCH ON AMAZON.

How'd I do it? I used a ​step by step plan that publishes and markets my eBooks like CLOCKWORK. Since I've got an awesome business that only requires a little work each day, you'd think I'd be on cloud nine. Kindle Sniper Review

But the truth is, I'm more UPSET with this industry than I've ever been. And I think this quote sums up why: ACCORDING TO PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY: The Majority Of Authors Earn Poverty Wages. There were 200,000 new books released in the United States.

Most of these books will be totally ignored, read only by close family and friends. You can spend months, or even YEARS pouring your heart out... ​Only to have pretty clinical proof that the world doesn't care about what you're doing. It shouldn't be that hard. 69% of books are sold online, and fiction and non-fiction are almost equal in popularity. The problem is, a small number of authors have freedom, money, and influence at their finger tips... and the rest have NOTHING.  And that's no good.

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