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Marketing Collection Review Social Proof Expert: How to Use Testimonials and Casestudies to sell: If you think the power of testimonials, proof and casestudies is simply putting in your sales letter, video or page, then think again. In this video training program he'll show you how to really leverage the power of social proof. Frequently Asked Questions: Is This Pack A Digital Download? No, Marketing Collection is shipped to you on a USB stick. A large capacity stick. I Own Some Of These Product - Can I Get A Discount? No, the discount on Marketing Collection page is your discount, as you already own some of my products or you wouldn't be seeing this. Does This Include Software? This pack does not include any of my software products as they are cloud based not desktop. Is There A Money Back Promise? YES!  If you don't receive your pack, don't worry. As long as you've not signed for your package - they will send out a second package! If you have signed for your second package, then they offer a 100% refund on your product purchase price by return of the covering letter.

If you wish a 100% product refund and refund of your Shipping and Handling, you will need to return the complete package including covering letter, case and USB card to their US fulfilment center. Upon receipt of returned goods within 10 days of your request to refund being accepted they will process your refund. Overview: Marketing Collection Review is all about shipping Steve Benns’s best training from the past decase, multiple winners of WSO Of The Day, Pick Of The Day, on a fancy branded USB stick. What matters is how much better you can get. With his Marketing Collection, You are getting an instant boost to your list building, local clients, email marketing, pricing, video creation, conversions and more. You can choose to be like everyone else. You can choose not to add this massive piece of leverage to your marketing toolkit. That's your choice. It's not what Steve Benn would recommend, and it's why he decided to make a loss on The Marketing Collection. In other words, he is subsidising every single copy.

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