PAYMEMBER 2 Review and 2300$ bonuses

PayMember 2 Review: See who your best customers are and who might be scamming you! Even MORE customer DATA: See how often customers download, see what location they download from, see when they access the page and much, much more. Setup Custom Email ALERTS: AUTOMATICALLY Monitor your protected content 24/7. Setup email alerts to monitor for example multiple chargebacks, refunds or page access anything you want get peace of mind that no one can possibly share your content without permission. 100% Newbie Friendly: They really built PayMember 2 with the intention that anyone can use it to protect their valuable content unlike other similiar software you don't need to be a developer or a technical genius to use it! Can do for you

Protect ANY Web Page Content In Seconds: You can protect access to ANY webpage on ANY site, so visitors have to enter their email address, and only verified Paypal customers get access. Automatically Protect Download Links (so they can't be shared): Any download links can be automatically protected so they are only able to be accessed by people who pay for it, and they WON'T WORK if they are shared on blackhat forums, file sharing sites or anywhere else. Works with ANY third party Payment Processor: Whether you want to use Paypal's own cart system, or jvzoo, or warriorplus, or something else... so long as you recieve payment into your Paypayl account, PayMember 2 Review will work with them all.

Protect ANY Kind of content you want: You can protect articles, files, videos, pdf's ANYTHING you want at all. You can even user Paymember 2 to EASILY add a whole paid membership section to your site.

Get full control over the design of your "verification pages": When you use PayMember 2 your visitors have to verify their email address on a special verification page to get access to your content. But don't worry you have FULL control over the design of this page, so you can get it looking exactly how you want it.

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