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Proven Popup TechnologyUsing the proven popup technology you can now have a table of relevant AmaPOPAZONzon products popup over your content. This is perfect for grabbing your website visitors attention. But it gets better….

AutomationNo doubt your website already has lots of posts? Well, you don’t want to be going through each one and adding PopAzon right? That’s where the automation feature comes in. Simple click a few buttons and each post on your website will be monetized with your chosen PopAzon tablPOPAZONe! They have even included brand new technology which reads your post title and then will automatically serve relevant products based on that content. Clever huh?

Fully CustomizableChoose how many columns you would like in your popup, the size of the product imPOPAZONages, how many you want to display, how long the popup appears for, the relevant product keywords, your table title and even the colour and style of your table to fit in perfectly with your website. You have full control over every single aspect of PopAzon!Search For Best Prices

People love a bargain. And they love saving time. PopAzon will show an animated graphic that shows your visitors that you are searching Amazon for the best prices. This is also fully customisable!Embed Technology

Maybe popups are not for you? Instead oPOPAZONf your table popping up over your content you might choose to have your table of relevant products appear directly inside your content. You can choose exactly where this goes using their shortcode system.Never Miss An International Sale



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