Serp Scout Review and bonus should I get it

The Serp Scout Review Integrated Autoresponder: You’ll also be able to connect with your potential client’s using the integrated SMTP options built into SERP Scout. This way you can manage all your campaigns in one place. (More on that below…)

Boost Your Email Deliverability With Gmail and Outlook Integration: By having this option, you’ll boost your chances of your emails getting delivered to the inbox and getting seen by your potential clients.

Create Automated Follow Campaigns Easily: Once you find a local business you would like to work with, you only need to click the ‘create a campaign’ button next to the result. From there you can setup a campaign that will warm up the local business without any cold calling from you.

High Converting Fill In The Blank Email Templates: With this option, you won’t have to figure out what to say to your prospects. They’ve already taken care of that for you. Just use these fill in the blank templates (already included with your Serp Scout account) to pique the interest of all your leads.

Filter Results To Find What You Need Quickly: If you’re looking to hone in on certain factors for various results, you can do that here. Just select the filtering option and you can easily filter the results you want. Serp Scout Review

Domain Filtering Made Simple: If you want to make sure the SERP Scanner doesn’t bring back certain sites, you’ll be able to do it using this option here. This is great for sites that might come up like Amazon, Yelp, or some other major corporation. SERP Scout is already programmed

Can do for you: The Serp Scout Data Scanner (Pull back tons of local business results that are ripe for the picking)

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