Speedii Review and 2300$ bonuses

Speedii Review: Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA): Instant Articles is a tool designed for media publishers to distribute instant, interactive articles to their readers within the Facebook mobile app

Can do for you

Speedii Is Easy To Use: You don’t need any special skills or experience to get big results with Speedii. Just install the plugin (it only takes about a minute), and you’ll be able to optimize and WordPress-based website or blog with just a few clicks)

Make Your Website Lighter, Faster, And Better: The lighter your website is, the faster it will load, and the better it will convert. Plus, the search engines will rank your site much higher if it loads quickly.

Turn Your Website Into An Instant Mobile App: Engage your visitors better than ever by turning your website into an instant mobile app. Mobile apps are the future of the internet, and if you want to maximize engagement and your profits, this feature makes it easy. Make Your Website Usable Offline: By making your website usable online, it enables you to be available to your visitors 24/7 regardless of internet connectivity. This features also speeds up your load times because an offline version of your website is stored on the visitor’s device after the first visit – and better load times means better conversions.

Get Better Search Rankings For More FREE Traffic: When your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly, you’ll get points in your favor by search engines like Google. As of this year, load speed and mobile friendliness are big ranking factors, and when you rank higher, you’ll get MORE FREE traffic. Monetize Your Site With Facebook Ads: If you’re looking for any easy way to monetize your blog or website, you can now use Speedii Review to monetize any website with Facebook ads. Facebook is expanding where they show ads, and this is a great way to put money in your pocket!

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