StopMotionsuite Review and bonus

StopMotionSuite Review: You can also paste a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram video link into the app and turn that into a cool stop motion video, too.

Step 2. Customize the Video with the Drag-n-Drop Editor: Then, add text, emojis, images, logos, CTAs, and more and drag/drop them into place on your video. Use the video joiner and splicer technology to trim your video to any length you want so it’s exactly how you need it.

Step 3. Render the Video and Sell to Clients: Finally, when your video is exactly how you want hit render and download the video. Buyers will be getting the Commercial Rights on the front end which means you can sell it for any price you want and sell stop motion effect services for previous videos.

With a few taps, you can have StopMotionSuite create ‘push-button’ amazing stop motion videos to sell to clients fast & easy. You don’t need traffic, a website, cold calling, or any of the usual hassles of starting a business. Businesses are bending over backward to get unique videos made to save their skins now so this is an easy sell. Get StopMotionSuite Review now while it’s available for an earlybird discount + Commercial Rights (limited time before the launch ends).


40 DFY Templates in Hot Local Niches: Get 40 stop motion templates (20 designed for YouTube + the same 20 only for Instagram) to create amazing StopMotion videos from in minutes. These are in hot local and general niches.

Drag-n-Drop Timeline Editor: Customize your videos with the easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor. Add text, CTAs, images, logos, and more anywhere you want in your video easily.

Thousands of Graphics, CTAs, and Audios: Add in graphics, emojis, buttons, CTAs, or background audio clips into your videos to make them sparkle to life.

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