Storymate review and huges bonuses

Storymate Review should answer the most frequently asked questions I have gotten. You can ready more about Storymate here, the page and video goes a great job at explaining everything. Just be aware that the launch week is coming to an end!

In fact the launch special ends tomorrow, which means that this is your last chance to grab Storymate Review at the low one time price and to secure your access to all five bonuses.

Create Breathtaking Instagram & Facebook

Stories in 3 steps Welcome STORYMATE For those that don’t know me, I’m Luke Maguire, known for my Aussie Accent, Extreme sales videos and number 1 selling social media softwares of all time that have allowed not only me, but many of my students to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes.

I’m about to show you STORYMATE, which is the tool that’s going to make the big difference for you in 2019. This is a first to market tool that simply works & because you are here you are in a very fortunate position. This is why.

Why Stories & Why Storymate Review Story Posting Is Growing 15X Faster Than News Feed Posting

Facebook & Instagram users used to only update via a status, but now stories are taking over, appearing at the TOP of your news feed on both FB and Instagram.

This is what works right now & there is a huge opportunity for early adopters.

On INSTAGRAM 300 million of it’s total 500 million users use stories daily & 10% of fb users use stories with it growing FAST. Users Use Stories To Sell

This is where the money is at. This is where stories by brands take their users.

Storymate Review Is The Only STORY Software You Will Ever Need

Allowing you to create viral stories from highly professional, custom templates, post them instantly & watch the traffic & sales come in. Select a Template

Select a template out of our 25 highly converting video designs made specifically for Insta & FB stories.

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