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ViralEngagr Review Feature #8: Image Campaigns: This allows you to broadcast a highly converting image message that has a call to action button to the inbox of facebook users and your twitter and instagram followers. Instantly drive traffic to your blogs, stores,websites etc. What’s more, ViralEngagr allows users to integrate instant checkout pages to the CTA buttons for instant sales and conversions.

ViralEngagr Feature #9: Chatbots: You don’t need to pay a pro anymore to create and integrate an industry standard Chatbot flow of your choice for any campaign goal, you can now use our AI wizard system to automatically create a stunning robust but yet simple to create Chatbot campaigns.

ViralEngagr Feature #10: 1 Click FB Lead Builder: This is a legal facebook technology that converts every ads clicks into leads because for everybody that clicks on the post or ads, the software pulls in their leads on Facebook.... this is the ultimate game changer and if you sell any product online, you'll need so that any person that clicks to your store, you'll have their leads and email them over and over again to get them to buy your product

ViralEngagr Review Feature #11: Page Builder: Build landing pages, Optin page design using magic link for grabbing authentic emails, checkout page designs, Product pages and Forms e.g appointment,booking and subscription can be integrated as well as facebook chatbot plugin for high conversion. ViralEngagr Feature #12: Instagram Mix: The ViralEngagr PRO enables customers to send or schedule bulk direct messages to their instagram followers , schedule and broadcast stories, videos and image posts. It also enable customers to build real hot email lists using the facebook magic link since instagram is now connected to facebook and an average instagram user has a facebook account... Broadcast link message to instagram follows that when clicked, first get’s their emails before redirecting them to a specified destination.

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