VLUEO Review discount 49%

Vlueo Review Such as: computer, laptop, ipad, iphone, andriod, tablet ..etc. And of course, this works on all operating systems, such as: Windows, Mac, iOS, Andriod, Linux.

Do I have to download anything? Nope. It is hosted online on their servers. Just login and you’re ready to start analyzing thousands of youtube videos, and creators. Also, you can login using any device, such as your PC, Mac, iphone, android, tablet, anything that has an internet connection and web browser. 

How to I contact support? If you need assistance with the Vlueo product or have questions regarding their product, you can contact them with the following email address: . Overview: Find, target, track and place ads on highly relevant YouTube videos in just minutes! How? Using the NEW software called Vlueo- The world’s first software for boosting YouTube advertising ROI with some of the best laser targeting traffic available. It will also track the conversions for each video; this helps to eliminate the use of Google analytics thereby making tracking less complicated for you. By making use of 1st party tracking cookies (unlike Google that uses 3rd party tracking cookies), the tracking results are more accurate and reliable.

Get Ready to Skyrocket Your ROI From YouTube Advertising ...Powerful YouTube Video Search: Vlueo Review allows you to quickly search and locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria. You will instantly see the level of monetization on every video…whether it has pre-roll ads or overlay ads. (or if the video is monetised at all). You can click on a thumbnail to preview videos and video ads instantly. If you want to place ad’s on any videos you can import the display ad’s and videos to your Google ads video campaign.
You can Export lists to CSV/XLS files to view outside the software… Save search criteria for frequent use… and save your results to unlimited lists.

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