WP Smart Links Review and 2300$ bonuses

WP Smart Links Review: Great, I’ll Just Use A Link Cloaker - Problem Solved… Right? Sure, you have been told to do this for years. It’s not a bad idea and it’s definitely a good first step, but...The “Fix” You’re Using Is Doing More Harm Than Good & Costing You Even More Sales! Replacing Ugly With Ugly: Most link cloakers just replace the ugly affiliate links with a slightly shorter random links that still look ugly. This doesn’t fix anything and won’t increase your clickthrough rate. You’re At Their Mercy: When you use a 3rd part link cloaker you are completely at their mercy. If they are down there is nothing you can do. You’ll be wasting traffic and losing all your sales.

Change Is A Pain: Affiliate programs change all the time, offers expire and sites go down. If you are using a 3rd party cloaker you very rarely have the option to change your links and you will be wasting a lot of traffic. WP Smart Links Review

You’re Still Banned: If thousands or even millions of people use the same 3rd party link cloaker you’ll still get lumped in with all the bad apples. Your cloaked affiliate links will still get banned on Facebook and trapped in spam filters.

A Half Cloak Is No Cloak: Most link cloakers only do half the job. The link will be cloaked initially only to resolve into the destination link when people hit the site. This still leaves you vulnerable to losing 30% of your sales to browser switching.

If They Even Work: Our research has shown that most link cloakers have questionable uptime at best. When they do work, most of them don’t work on mobile devices, even outright breaking responsive sites… and these days that’s where 60% of your customers are! But Now There’s Finally A Solution called WP Smart Links.

You can post to the big social sites again. And it's the simplest way I've seen for tracking which of your links get clicked, so you tell straight away where your traffic is actually coming from!

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