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 It’s relatively simple, and can be broken down into 5 pillars: Building your template appMonetizing Zapableyour appPublishing your appMarketing your app, and finallyCloning more appsThat’s it! With these steps you’ll have a few mobile apps that’re earning something (it may begin small or, who knows, maybe you get lucky) in no time.  Guess what? Zapable does it all for you. You don’t need to cZapableode. 0 coding. No panic over knowing nothing about code. Just work in our intuitive and visual app creation module and watch your ideas spring to life! There is more to creating an app than just code though.

 For this guide we advise that you focus on the app Zapablefeature set and graphical resources during the building process.Graphics

 You have a few options when trying to obtain the graphical resources you need: making them yourself (time consumingBuilding your app

Working in app development (software development in general) teaches you something: trying to make even a simple application is tiresome and expensive. The hardZapableest part of the app making process is creating or finding the code. ), using Zapable’s free graphical assets, or hiring someone to make them.When you begin it’s worth throwing a few assets together yourself or making use of Zapable’s graphics.We provide you with a lot of graphics to start you off but after you exhaust these, there’s no reason to stop.After you’ve released a few apps you will be more informed about the entire process and have a better idea of where you want to invest a little. 




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